The Struggles of Being an Accountancy Student

I’ve seen a lot of success stories of Accountancy students who struggled for years to finish and receive their degrees being posted on a Facebook page I follow. I can’t help but remember my own struggles and eventual triumph after reading those stories.

I, too, were once a student of Accountancy back in college. But being one was just kind of an accident. I didn’t dream of being an Accountant. When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a doctor. But somehow, that dream never materialized. Well, for one, I am scared of blood so scratch the being doctor part off the list.

As I grow older, my interests grew too. And that muddled what I really wanted to be. In fact, I was so confused that I just put random courses/degrees in my college entrance exam applications. I was lost.

Taking up Accountancy was kind of giving in to my parents’ whim of me, walking after their footsteps. I also thought that, since I also want to have my own business, being an Accountant would be an advantage.

Those formative four years were one of the toughest years in my life. Being the daughter of two Certified Public Accountants made the pressure to excel even heavier to carry. Everybody was expecting me to exceed the achievements of my parents.

I was doing well in my first year. Having taken bookkeeping as an elective in highschool, I was confident that I would make it. I even thought that, maybe, it is in the blood. I even got into the Dean’s List. But after a year, the course got harder and I just couldn’t keep up. It’s like the things the professors are teaching are from some alien planet. My brain somehow couldn’t process the lessons that well. I failed my first Accounting subject and it spiralled into a never-ending battle of dropping and re-takes.

I got to the point where I felt like giving up. I think, I was on my second or third year by that time. I kept asking if it was still what I want to do. I was having thoughts of shifting but I never figured out where I should go. It’s like, I never saw myself studying another field or I just felt that the thing I learned so far will be wasted. I cried a lot at that time because I kind of pitied myself for being the one in our group to not graduate on time.

In those times, I turned and prayed to God that He give me strength to overcome that challenge. I decided to continue and just worked hard to graduate. I was one semester behind from my friends but I graduated nontheless. Now, I may not be a CPA yet but I am equipt with tools that I am using in my current job as a Supply Accountable Officer in the Armed Forces of the Philippines because of that decision of not giving up.

For me, in life, our success isn’t a race. It is not measured on who will finish first but on how well you would finish your course. You may be the first one in finish line but that doesn’t guarantee you of a bright future. Only if we strive hard to be the best we can be without compromising others, that we will truly be called successful.

Thank you for reading my story!

If you have any thoughts about this post, please don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments section below. 🙂




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