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Aloha ‘Oe…

Last night, we attended a Family Home Evening and somewhat farewell party of the Comenta family, one of our closest friends from our home ward. They are flying to Hawaii by Saturday to settle there while Kim is pursuing his degree in Brigham Young University-Hawaii.

The activity started with a prayer then proceeded by my husband, VJ, giving the spiritual thought. He shared a verse from 1 Nephi regarding the journey of Lehi and his family out in the wilderness. He said the that wherever we go, the Lord will guide and protect us like what happened to Lehi’s family.

After that, the host made us award stars to the attendees and appreciate their good attributes. I was awarded a star and was regarded as a bubbly, very progressive member of the Church.

After the activity, we had the chance to just relax and talk with each other while enjoying the food prepared. I talked to Nica and there are a lot of insights I learned from her. From being a great stay-at-home mom to basically being a better daughter of our Heavenly Father. I owed her a lot being a great example for me to follow.

It’s bittersweet that some of the people that we considers as family are going to be far from us. But I know this is part of our Heavenly Father’s plan and that a brighter future is in store for everyone of us.

Until we meet again,



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