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My Conversion Story: A Leap of Faith

Today, I saw a video of a woman who told her story of conversion to the Islam religion. She talked about her experience and the difficulty of being accustomed to her new religion. After watching, I can’t help but remember my own conversion to my faith today.

It was two years ago that I got baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At first, my family was against it. They thought that I was being rash about making that decision and that I was just doing it for my then-boyfriend (he’s my husband now. *smiley face*). What they failed to understand then was that, for so many years, I had so many questions lingering in my mind that I wasn’t able to get some answers from my former religion. I was searching and somehow, learning about other faiths and supposed that I may find some of the answers.

I kept on reading and searching for years but I still felt that I wasn’t getting the answers I was looking for. That something was missing. This affected me greatly and I think, it was also one of the reasons why I was not mindful of what my choices were back then. Getting tired of everything, I started praying again. I prayed to God that He give me someone who would lead me back to His presence. An lo and behold, I met my (then future) husband.

My husband was really instrumental to my conversion. He was very patient with me. He never forced me to do things or conform to his beliefs. I came to know the truths of the Gospel by myself through the help of the sister missionaries that taught me and his guidance. He encouraged me to just be myself through the process and not rush on changing my lifestyle.

Everything wasn’t smooth sailing at first. Like I said, my family wasn’t that open to the idea that I was going to change my religion. Because of that, I was forced to have my lessons in the meeting house or some other convenient venue because I was not sure how my family would accept the missionaries if I invited them to teach me in our house. They had violent reactions before when I first opened the idea that some missionaries would visit me. They have this notion before that the missionaries would force them to accept the Gospel right away and convert them.

Because of that, I came to a point where I doubted if I was doing the right decision. My baptism almost didn’t push through. I was on the verge of backing out when I had a talk with our ward’s bishop along with my (then)boyfriend. He told me that I shouldn’t force myself if I wasn’t really ready. He told me to pray and ask our Heavenly Father what I should do. I prayed and I was prompted that being baptized was the right thing to do.

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Today, I’m reaping the blessings that comes with that life-changing decision. I became a better person than before. I have a better relationship with our Heavenly Father. And most all, I have assurance that families can be together forever.

I share all this things in the most sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.



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