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{Beauty} Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring

*Originally posted 20 October 2012 in my previuous blog

Whenever there’s something going on in my life, especially the big ones, I tend to express whatever feelings I have through changing my appearance. I mostly do it with my hair because honestly, changing the way your hair looks can make a big difference on your over-all look. And since I’ve gone through a life changing event, I thought I need something that would signify change.

I first heard of this product from my bestie, Rona. She tried it and was satisfied with the results. (Not sure what shade she used then, though). I’ve been meaning to try it since but never got the chance to until recently.

I’ve been coloring my sister’s hair for quite some time now (she’s got white hair at a young age. something to do with genes, I guess…) and DIY coloring is such a hassle with most of the products in the market. Going to the salon is a no-no if your living on a budget.

Searching for a better alternative, I suggested we try this product.

All text are in Korean but it has an illustrated step-by-step procedure…
For the instructions on how to use it, please click here

the contents: (numbered 1-4) Color solution; Developer; packet containing the latex gloves, plastic cape, and instructions in Korean; and Silky Perfume Treatment (conditioner)
during the process…



The SA in the Etude House where we bought this said that the result may not be the same as the color indicated in the box. That it may be lighter but I’m pretty satisfied with the way my hair turned out. It doesn’t look much here in the picture but my hair is the shade of blood, especially when struck by sunlight. 🙂

WARNING: This product should be used only once. Leftovers must be discarded to avoid adverse chemical reaction on your hair and/or scalp. I recommend you share it with friends (if you have one with you while doing the process) instead of throwing it away. 🙂


  • Easy to use. It’s just like applying shampoo on your hair
  • It works.
  • Cheap compared to having your hair colored in a salon. This only cost P378.


  • It’s in freakin’ Korean. I just wish they would include English instructions.
  • It’s a bit messy.

Will I repurchase?: Yes when I want to to change my hair color again… 😀
I’d love to hear your feedback about this product. Leave your comments below.

Much love,



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