The Momma Chronicles

Motherhood is a difficult yet fulfilling job. The sleepless nights, the struggle of juggling everything from being a domesticated housewife to being supermom is nothing compared to seeing your offspring growing up as upstanding individuals. I'm going to be writing a series, called the Momma Chronicles, about my journey through motherhood. From being a first-time… Continue reading The Momma Chronicles

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{REVIEW} Promama Nutritional Milk Drink

Just this week, I got a package from Wyeth Philippines containing two boxes, each containing two sachets of Promama samples. I've seen this product in the market but it's fairly new to knowledge, so I didn't jump into trying it since the milk drink I'm currently having is already tried and tested. Description: Promama is… Continue reading {REVIEW} Promama Nutritional Milk Drink

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If you guys can remember, I posted an entry before about being confused and anxious about what the future is in store for me. One of my concerns were if I should continue with my career or if I should embrace being a stay-at-home mom. Reading the following article somehow gave me an insight of… Continue reading ARE MORMON MOMS SUPPOSED TO STAY AT HOME?