{SKINCARE} Miniso Black Pearl Nourishing and Repairing Silk Mask

Description: Help the skin water storage, promote the skin row of turbid water replenishment, relieve dim complexion, inclusive of water lock water, brighten skin tone, Yan Liang skin, improve pore, so that the transparent skin, moist and plump, enhance skin repair force Likes: left my skin very soft and supple. very affordable. It only cost… Continue reading {SKINCARE} Miniso Black Pearl Nourishing and Repairing Silk Mask

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{Review} PILATEN Black Head Pore Strip

Description: All in Chinese except for the instructions in the packaging but according to PILATEN's English website: 100% Brand new, high quality The PIL’ATEN Black Mask is a beauty mask for facial care. It is the answer to your question: How to remove blackheads? It is made to clean out the dirt and dead cuticles… Continue reading {Review} PILATEN Black Head Pore Strip